Aims/Goals for 2014

My list of things that I will be achieving this year, in no particular order.

  • Lose 5% body fat.
  • Finish reading Game of Thrones series. Done! And what a finish! 1/5
  • Squat 40kg. Done! 4/4/14
  • Deadlift 55kg.
  • Benchpress 30kg
  • Run 1km without stopping
  • Start some kind education course. Unsure just yet. Done! A financial planning course online. Through Open2Study. 28/4
  • Train to do a handstand
  • Plan & book an overseas trip
  • Buy bedside table
  • Organise Office/study
  • Plant some dwarf trees.

One thought on “Aims/Goals for 2014

  1. […] if you read my blog you will have noticed that I had added an Aims/Goal list to it. I decided to add this list as a way of focusing myself to what I want to achieve this […]

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