Who is this person?

So I’m Tania and I like stuff.
I will write about said stuff.
Sometimes I add photos.

This is a “personal” blog
(As personal as it gets being online and public)
There isn’t a real theme to this blog.
It’s just a place that I write about my life
My thoughts.
My Tania-ness.

I write pretty much the same way I speak.
Which, lets be honest, isn’t fantastic.

If you want to know a little bit more about me
go to the about.me page
(Or just look to the right, a little)
If you want to see how boring I am day-to-day
(I tend to write a lot about the gym)
Check out my twitter account.

If you like cats, exercise and sleep
Then you should write me a message
because we need to be best friends.

Creepy? Not creepy?
Don’t care.
I’m adding it.
It’s there.


7 thoughts on “Who is this person?

  1. lordmikle says:

    Ha, Love this bio, nice and fresh.

  2. I like it too. I love cats… but I’m allergic. :’-(

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